4/16/22 Creativity is Hard

Welcome to Hexball! If you're here, you're either a sports fan, a board gamer or both. Those are the kind of people I love! I am one of you. I was born in the Midwestern United States, but growing up I found a love for European sport. Football, Rugby & Cricket all became games that I became fascinated with throughout my childhood and thanks to streaming services like ESPN+, Paramount+ & Peacock I am able to watch them 24/7.

Which leads us to Hexball. The sport of Hexball is an amalgam of these sports as well as some of my favorite tabletop games. I found myself gamifying everything I saw. At the outset, the thought was to create a Cricket game involving a crapton of d20 dice. That's how d20 Cricket was born. I toiled over the rules of this game (which was essentially a math game if you want to boil it down to it's component parts. I playtested it on a green bath towel littered with a massive amount of dice and it worked! Prior to that, I attempted a reinvent of Chess that also carried elements of Othello I named Monochrome. This game worked too! I was two for two as far as gaming went, but I felt like there was something missing...

I did some research online and found that in the course of human history there've been hundreds of games that 1. mimic the mechanics of Cricket (as both dice and card driven games) and 2. have tried to "reinvent" Chess. So... what does a burgeoning game designer do? Of course, they try to invent an entire sport from scratch!

Wait... what?

Yep, that's what I am trying to do with this game. I've invented a completely new game that pulls together all the best elements of my favorite sports and board games and brings to the table a fresh take on all of it.

I hope...

Hexball is in the development stages right now. I'm hoping to bring you all these little snippets of development as things move forward. Check back frequently!